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Tone & Attitude is a balancing act not left to the faint of heart. And maintaining that balance while presenting an upbeat and coherent message is at the core of any Broadcast Commercial. Whether it's a simple message from the proprietor, or that tongue-n-cheek delivery from an actor. Scripted or informational, Northern Pictures has the tools and staff to land message with audience. New England is a very competitive market, full of great advertising minds, and we know you have many agencies to choose from. We're confident however that our unique flavor and skill in presentation will bring you the most beloved phrase a business owner can hear; "I love just your commercials!" The bottom line begins with praise, and it begins with Northern Pictures. Contact

Need a Production Partner? We're always delighted to hear from fellow ad agencies in the region whom need a production team worthy of their name. Easy to work with, always punctual, and able to operate independently. Contact

Commercial Advertising

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